General Cannabis Corporation is the all-in-one resource for the highest quality service providers available to the regulated Cannabis Industry. GCC is the parent company to CannaRunner, Chiefton Design, Chiefton Supply, GC Capital, GC Supply, Iron Protection Group, Next Big Crop and Pueblo Real Estate.



Chiefton Supply creates unique cannabis-inspired graphics that people can actually wear, and that push the boundaries for our industry.



Iron Protection Group is owned and operated by combat veterans, of both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They came home with the knowledge of how to keep each other safe and they strive to bring that ability to their clients. Iron Protection Group Security provides combat veteran security guards to the cannabis industry.




GC Supply provides turnkey sourcing and stocking services to new and existing cultivation, retail and infused products manufacturing facilities. Offerings will include infrastructure, equipment, consumables, various delivery technologies (vaporizers and capsules) and compliance packaging.




GC Capital provides resources so your business plan is not hampered by an inbility to raise funds or acquire lending.




Chiefton Design is a cannabis design agency specializing in design, branding and strategy for the cannabis community.




Sugar Leaf Supply is Hawaii’s controlled environment agriculture experts. They source infrastructure needs ranging from structures, lighting systems, cooling systems, CO2 systems, and hydro & drip systems to automation technologies, vertical growing systems, and rolling benches.




Attentis Consulting provides innovative technology, quality management and process architecture consulting services to highly regulated industries. Since 1998, Attentis has provided highly effective solutions to Fortune 100 clients throughout Pharmaceutical, Financial and Healthcare industries as well as the Public Sector.




THC Safety is a consulting firm that provides real, actionable advice on designing, establishing and operating your cannabis concentration production (CCP) facilities, cannabis infused products (CIPs) & laboratories while assisting our clients to be in continuous compliance with regulations and good practices.