Next Big Crop joined General Cannabis in 2015, bringing their professional consulting platform with them. Our mission is to offer top-notch consulting services in an industry that, until recently, has lacked standardization and large scale agricultural principals. We offer hands-on experience and proven techniques for every phase of the construction, cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis. Services include business planning and application writing to operations optimization, management and expansion. We offer this knowledge and experience to assist our clients in realizing their business goals.


Meet our team

Rich Cardinal

MANAGING DIRECTOR:                                                                       Rich is the Founder and Managing Director of Next Big Crop having entered the industry in 2008 when he joined Boulder Kind Care. He went on to RiNo Supply Company where he built and managed a 42,000 ft2 greenhouse in Colorado in 2012. Then, in late 2013, Rich founded Next Big Crop. Since Next Big Crop’s formation, Rich has assisted in dozens of license applications, designed over half a million square feet of production facilities, been intimately involved in the construction of many of those facilities and has managed/operated a number of them as well.

Clay Brier

PROJECT MANAGER:                                                                       Clay entered the industry in 2012 as the Director of Systems and Compliance for a 42,000-ft2 greenhouse and dispensary. There, he built and maintained the METRC system, Point of Sale systems and was responsible for training employees in the greenhouse, warehouse and dispensary. He designed, wrote and oversaw the implementation of standard operating procedures and is an accomplished technical writer. Clay joined Next Big Crop in 2015 as Consulting Specialist and has since grown into a project management role. He holds a BBA in Entrepreneurial & Small Business Operations from Western Connecticut State University.

Cam Bravmann

DIRECTOR OF CULTIVATION:                                                                     Cameron has a professional career spanning hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, and technology, performing operations and marketing functions, all from a project management perspective. He has extensive experience in cannabis cultivation, having begun working with the plant in the early 90s; building grows, developing economies of scale, and optimizing indoor, outdoor, and hybrid systems. Cameron holds a BS in Business Administration from Cal State University, where his focus was finance & operations/enterprise resource management.

Jim Elftmann

CULTIVATION SUPERINTENDENT:                                                                      Jim has spent most of his working life in Management, most recently as the Chief Operating Officer for 32,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse/indoor grow, two dispensaries, and an infused products laboratory. He has grown Cannabis for more than twelve years and has worked with multiple growing mediums. Jim has always taken pride in his garden quality and production. He is certified in METRC & BIOTRACK and well versed in all areas of Cannabis from construction to customer retention. Notable speaking engagements include the 2015 Marijuana Business Expo in Las Vegas.

Mia Rager

CULTIVATION CONSULTANT:                                                                      Mia brings her experience and knowledge from the commercial agricultural industry and blends those techniques with cannabis production. Working at facilities ranging in size from a 13-acre annual and perennial greenhouse to a 300-acre tree farm, Mia has implemented integrated pest management programs involving pest and disease identification, scouting, and control on all scales. Mia holds a BS in Agricultural Science from Penn State, specializing in agronomy and horticulture. Drawing from her experience in large-scale agriculture and education, Mia provides top-notch, on-site support to clients nationwide.

Greg Tucker

TECHNICAL WRITER:                                                                      Greg specializes in marketing, sales, and technical writing. He has contributed to cannabis business license applications in Nevada, Illinois, Maryland, and Canada, helping applicants develop their business plans and proposals. His in-depth knowledge of various state regulations has also allowed him to assist several cannabis businesses create their compliance documentation, standard operating procedures and employee handbooks nationwide. He received a BA in English from the University of California at Davis.

Doug Bosswick

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE:                                                                  Doug graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a double major in economics and communication, bringing his analytical business operations and strategy background to the team. Previously, Doug worked at Blackridge Capital Group in New York. There, he focused on the acquisition and management of insurance linked assets and related operating companies; life insurance strategy design and implementation; as well advisory for the ultra-high net worth demographic in niche areas of investment and estate planning.

Aaron Mullins

SYSTEMS ENGINEER:                                                                      Aaron has been working in the Electrical and Automation industries for over 14 years. His knowledge of construction and systems design helps us build new projects to their greatest potential and to enter existing facilities to maximize their efficiency and production. He has worked on a range of projects from 10,000 square feet to over 200,000 square feet. He holds an Electrical Journeyman’s License and taught apprenticeship classes at the McMurry Learning Foundation for 4 years.

Rob Hansen

CONSULTING SPECIALIST:                                                                           Rob joined Next Big Crop in 2016 from the hospitality industry. He has helped build a 50,000 square foot grow facility in Aurora, Colorado performing construction, cultivation and compliance duties. More recently, Rob helped build a 500 square foot retail marijuana dispensary in Aspen, Colorado, performing construction, dispensary operations and compliance duties. Rob built and trained all owners and staff on the state required METRC system and Flowhub. With a Masters in Business Administration from Endicott College in Boston, MA. Rob offers strong experience in operations for large scale businesses.

Jacob Goldfarb

CONSULTING SPECIALIST:                                                                      Jacob entered the legal Colorado cannabis industry in 2015 working within multiple dispensaries for Native Roots. From there, he moved on to work as an internal auditor at Lightshade Labs, where he controlled and tested controls of the inventories of five dispensaries. He implemented and assisted in several auditing and inventory control procedures. In addition, he worked as a manager for Back to the Garden/High Street Grower’s dispensary. Jacob received a BS in Finance from City University of New York: Baruch bringing his strong analytical, auditing and finance experience to the team.

Jarret Ricci

CULTIVATION CONSULTANT:                                                                      Jarret graduated from Wittenberg University with a BS in History and a BS in Education from Metro State University in Colorado. After teaching secondary Social Studies, he decided to go to work for Way to Grow in 2012. For the next four-years he worked with clients designing grow rooms, writing nutrient recipes, creating integrated pest management programs, and was responsible for managing several large accounts. Jarret’s knowledge of products and small scale agriculture translates easily to Next Big Crop’s commercial agricultural principals.